Assistance at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

As part of IOM France’s activities contributing to the humane and orderly management of migration, assistance is provided to beneficiaries of IOM's diverse programmes, including family reunification, resettlement of refugees and voluntary return, during their transit at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG). 

IOM staff welcomes the beneficiaries as they alight the plane, then assists them with the immigration and custom controls as well as with luggage retrieval. Once these formalities have been completed, the beneficiaries are entrusted to NGO representatives responsible for reception in France or to the family members, depending on whether it is a resettlement or family reunification movement. During transit assistance, when the beneficiaries are taking a connecting flight, IOM accompanies them through check-in and security, all the way to the boarding gate.   

Beneficiaries with mobility problems are provided with wheelchair assistance for all movements within the airport (from/to the boarding gate). Furthermore, when beneficiaries are suffering from a more serious medical condition, a medical or operational escort can be arranged by IOM missions in the departure countries to accompany the whole group for the duration of the journey. 

IOM France, in collaboration with the airlines and Paris-CDG airport stakeholders (Border Police, Customs, ADP Group), do their very best to enable beneficiaries to travel under the best conditions. 

On average, between 500 and 600 beneficiaries transit each month under the auspices of IOM France. 



Total number of beneficiaries assisted by IOM at Paris-CDG airport in 2019