Project's objectives

The project offers tailor-made individual support to victims of human trafficking identified in metropolitan France to help them to reintegrate in their country of origin. It puts in place a coordinated mechanism including pre-departure activities, arrival assistance, and follow-up over a maximum of 12 months after return.

The project will offer assistance to 15 victims of trafficking, both adults and children. Eligible beneficiaries are all trafficked persons wishing to return voluntarily from France to a third country (outside the European Union).

In order to facilitate the detection and protection of trafficked persons, front-line professionals, particularly those involved in voluntary return programs, will be invited to participate in training in the identification and orientation of this vulnerable public. .


Component I: Provision of tailored assistance to victims of trafficking.

Each beneficiary will receive personalized assistance according to their situation and their specific needs.

Before departure, a risk assessment and first necessary assistance measures will be conducted. Particular attention will be given to assessing the beneficiary's skills and motivations before leaving, as well as to defining concrete and reliable reintegration opportunities.

On-arrival assistance may include, depending on the needs of the beneficiary, assistance in transit, reception at the airport, shelter accommodation or secondary transport to the final destination. Specific reintegration assistance to the needs of each victim may include, depending on individual needs: medical care, temporary accommodation, psychosocial support, training, the establishment of an income-generating activity.

The follow-up of the person will be based on an individual monitoring and evaluation plan. It will be provided by IOM until 12 months after return.

Particular attention will be paid to child victims of trafficking for whom return has been identified as being in the best interests of the child. In connection with the guardian as well as with the minor himself, IOM will conduct a family survey in the country of return, an assessment of the risks and needs as well as the identification of reintegration opportunities ( such as training) in the country of return. In line with UNICEF recommendations, the return of the child will be coordinated in advance with all actors involved in the European country and in the country of return.

Component II: Organization of 5 trainings for the identification and orientation of victims of trafficking in human beings

These courses are intended for professionals potentially brought into contact with victims. The one-day training will be offered in particular to the following actors:

  • French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII)
  • Police personnel (especially Border Police)
  • Personal Gendarmerie
  • Labor inspectors

Calendar and Budget

The project is set up for a period of 18 months, from November 2017 to April 2019.

It is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (FAMI) and co-financed by the OFII and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Coordination and contacts

The project is coordinated by the IOM office in Paris:

Fanny Ruinart, , 01 40 44 06 91; Chloé Taillard Yévenes, , 01 40 44 06 91

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